Product Range of GRP Pipe and Fittings :

Diameter: Diameter ranges from DN 300 to DN 2600 mm

Stiffness Class: Stiffness Class ranges from SN 124, 248 and 496 kPa

Pressure Class: Pressure Class ranges from PN 3 , 6, 9, 12 and 15 bar


Fibre glass fittings and specials are available over a wide range of diameters, pressures and configurations. These can be prepared by compression mold, filament winding, cutting and mitering and contact molding.

Various fittings that we can manufacture by hand lay process in factory as well as at the site, are shown in following figures (Page No. 6 & 7). Fittings includes bends, tees (Concentric/Air Valve/Scour valve) , flanges, reducers, manholes, etc. Also high flexibility of the materials used allows the manufacturer for the fabrication of custom designed specials as per the requirement. Chopped strand mats and woven roving are the main reinforcing materials used in the fabrication of the fittings.


There are two general joints classification-

Unrestrained pipe joints- These joints can withstand internal pressure but do not resists longitudinal forces.

  • Fibre glass coupling or bell and socket joint
  • Mechanical coupling joint

Restrained pipe joints- These joints can withstand internal pressure and resist longitudinal forces.

Elastomeric rubber gaskets are used for leak-proof joints in coupling assembly.

The joints that may later be dissembled without damage include :–

  • Coupling or bell & spigot with a restraining device
  • Flange
  • Mechanical

The joints that cannot be disassembled without damage or cutting apart include :-

  • Butt and wrap
  • Wrapped bell & spigot
  • Bonded bell & spigot



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