Megha Fibre Glass Industries Ltd (MFGIL). is a leading manufacturer of GRP systems and provider of GRP Technical Services for nondestructive bridge deck and pavement inspection. This unique combination enables us to provide quality GRP technology and application software support that is unparalleled in the industry.

Light-weight, corrosion-resistant and manufactured under strict quality standards, MFGIL - GRP pipe is available in over five pressure classes and four stiffness classes. Diameters from DN 300mm to DN 2600mm can be supplied and lengths up to 6 meters & 12 meters.

Growing awareness of the operational cost savings and superior corrosion resistance offered by fibreglass-reinforced pipe by operations has resulted in widespread use for the following applications:

  • Water transmission and distribution (potable and raw water, Irrigation).
  • Sanitary sewerage collection systems and outfalls (direct bury and sliplining).
  • Storm sewers.
  • Hydroelectric penstock lines.
  • Seawater intake and outfalls.
  • Circulating cooling water, make-up and blow down lines for power plants.
  • Industrial applications.
  • Industrial effluent.
  • Industrial process pipeline.
  • Industrial Ducting.
  • Well casing.
  • Fire Protection.
  • Industrial wastes & Effluent.
  • Food Industries.
  • Chemical & Petrochemical.
  • Gas Piping.

In replacing other materials MFGIL - GRP pipe delivers long, effective service life with low operating, maintenance costs and GRP pipe is usually the lowest cost option up front too.

We carry out basic "materials" research, which has led to significant improvements. We are also assuming a leadership position in GRP pipe specification development. MFGIL-GRP technology personnel hold positions of authority in nearly all, significant, global standardization organizations.

The range of Flanges and Fittings can be used for many applications, which, in order to best orientate the clients, have been split into three main categories:


General Industrial Applications

General Industrial ApplicationsGeneral industrial applications Backing Rings for thermoset and thermoplastic pipe systems.

Water Applications

Water ApplicatoinsWater applications Flanges and Fittings for composite pipe systems handling water and industrial or municipal effluent.

Anti Corrosion Applications

Anti Corrosion ApplicationsTubulated Fixed and Stub Flanges, Blind Flanges, Elbows, Tees, Reducers, Couplings and Pipes manufactured from premium chemically resistant ISO resins with 2.5 mm inner Chemical Barrier for a wide range of corrosion resistant pipe systems, composite tanks and process vessels.

  • Flange Nominal diameters from 25 up to 600 mm, pressure ratings 3 - 15 bars.
  • Manhole Nominal diameters from 500 up to 800 mm, pressure ratings 1 - 15 bars.
  • Fitting and Pipe Nominal diameters from 25 up to 400 mm, pressure ratings 3 - 15 Bars.
  • The composite Flanges and Manholes are according to DIN standard.
  • Manufacturing by Contact Moulding (Nom. 25 up to 600 mm and all Manholes and Manhole Covers).
  • The composite Fittings and Pipes are according to DIN Standard.
  • Continuously Filament Winding Process.




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