Pipes and Fittings Design

MFGIL-GRP is capable of designing GRP Solid and Ribbed wall piping and fittings for Underground (U/G), Aboveground (A/G) and Sub-aqueous piping systems based on various standards such as ASTM, AWWA, BS, ASME. The design can be done using flexible coupling joint, rigid joint systems or combination of both.

The pipe calculation generally covers live and dead loads effects on the pipe in addition to the effect of internal pressure and vacuum level on the adequacy of the pipe for buckling, combined strain levels, allowable stresses etc....


  • Selection of Liner and Resin system is based on corrosion data
  • Design of Winding patterns Laminate Thickness is based on
    • ( a ) Pressure
    • ( b ) Stiffness
  • Design of optimization using Multifactor Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis using propriety software for stress analysis
  • Windability check




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