Hydraulic & Surge Analysis

Megha GRP can provide flow calculations for fixed size piping network, design the piping size in the network based on limiting head loss or maximum allowable velocity, and surge analysis to accurately simulate the fluid flow through a network of pipes and other components. The latest version of PIPENET software (STANDARD Module & TRANSIT Module) is used in such analysis. With PIPENET software, the following analysis for the piping network can be done:


  • Pipe Sizing Design:

    Based on the required discharges the pipe seizing of complicated piping system can be carried out for finalizing the required diameter.

  • Head Loss Calculations:

    In any complicated circuits head losses occurring in the system can be analyzed and total drop in pressure can be obtained at various outlets, thus paving the way for finalizing the hydraulic requirements.

  • Water Hammer / Surge Analysis:

    The water hammer and surge analysis can be carried out to find out the effect of sudden activation and deactivation of valves.




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