Engineering Drawing

MFGIL-GRP can provide complete engineering CAD isometric and shop drawings fully detailed and integrated to be used by the manufacturer during fabrication and quality control inspection activities and the owner during inspection, installation and as a reference for documentation. The contractor can also use these drawings as installation drawings. Such drawings can be used at any stage during or after project execution. This will result in cost savings for all parties involved and eliminate any change of mis­communication or lack of detail. Interface of Stress Analysis Package, Hydraulic Analysis Package and CAD Package provides additional flexibility in preparing and integrating analysis and engineering drawings.

In general following type of drawings / designs are being prepared:

  • Lay out Drawings.
  • Isometric Drawings.
  • Shop Drawings for Spools.
  • Detailed Valve Chamber Design Drawings.
  • Detailed Fabrication and Process Drawings.
  • Stress Isometrics.
  • Detailed Support Design Drawings.
  • Installation Details Drawings.
  • Hydro Test Circuit Diagrams, …etc.

All the above drawings are being prepared in AutoCAD. MFGIL-GRP uses its own LISP based programs for fast generation of Shop drawings along with necessary details. More over CADWrox program enhances the drafting capability to generate fast layouts along with stress isometrics.

In addition to that, MFGIL-GRP can accept any drawings from customers in any format such as Micro-Station, and it can provide drawings to customer in electronic format required.




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